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The Offer

The Offer

The offer is a buy in of an EVOO order and shipment from Italy. On my last trip to Italy, I wound up meeting one producer of a lovely EVOO from Calabria and right around that time, I also received a shipment of six different EVOOs from a producer I know in Puglia, along with a bottle of olive pomace oil to cook with.

Over the past few months, I started running the numbers on what it would take to get more olive oil here, and knowing that having it flown is too expensive, I started looking at what it would take to have it sent over by sea. However, if you are going to send anything by sea, it's best to ship at least one pallet of product, and more economical if you either ship several pallets or a whole container. So, there you have it. I came up with a formula whereas I will either ship two pallets (one from Puglia being a mixture of six different EVOOs in .25L bottles and the other being .5L bottles from Calabria; .25L and .5L are essentially 8.45 and 16.9oz respectively). The thing is that a little more than double the number of .25L bottles come on a pallet than the number of .5L bottles from Calabria, so for the initial people buying in for a little bit more, I will throw in an extra .25L bottle.

The more buy ins made, the more EVOO I can order overall and then also offer additional bottles at a lower price.

The price for buying in will be as follows (shipping is included):

  1. $30 for one .5L bottle (Calabria) and two .25L bottles(Puglia)
  2. $35 for one .5L bottle (Calabria) and three .25L bottles(Puglia)
  3. $60 for two .5L bottles (Calabria) and four .25L bottles(Puglia)
  4. $90 for three .5L bottles (Calabria) and six .25L bottles(Puglia)

No one will ever get two of the same types of EVOO from the Puglia producer.

We are doing this through a crowdfunding project and expect to put in our order in late February or early March with it being delivered to us in late March. From there, I and some extra people start breaking it down and sending out the orders through USPS mail.

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The Future

This is probably the start of a long process for me, since I will undoubtedly get involved in spreading the gospel of EVOO as far as what the product is, its health benefits, and the culinary side of it (dishes, recipes, etc). I need to start taking EVOO everyday myself since prostate cancer runs in my family; one of my uncle's had serious prostate problems and my father is dying of fourth stage prostate cancer right now. That said, I have a reason for getting certain demographics to use it, as well as to come off of butter and margarine.

Like wine, the relationships that you make with EVOO producers can last for generations, and I would not only like to keep importing a certain amount from the same producers, but also import EVOO made from other olive varieties from all over Italy as well as other countries. I already know a phenomenal producer in Portugal and I probably know a good fifty producers throughout Italy. The good thing is that I have some quality contacts in Italy whose products I would love to carry [as I love them already] including two of the producers involved with the Opera Olei project.

I would be happy developing a nice list of customers whom I could easily sell two to three bottles of EVOO each month!

Are you interested in learning more? Feel free. Get in Touch