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So far, the team is just me, Zachary M.C. Harris, and along the way my "partners" will be the producers of EVOO whose wares I will push.

Zachary Marcus Cesare Harris

In regards to this business, like anything I am interested in, I pursue it with an ardent passion -- yeah, I am also a writer -- and with anything that has a serious component to life, I don't like being involved in the fake and the fraudulent. If you start learning the history of olive oil, and you start understanding the history of the wine industry, you'll realize that they have much in common. As I am also in the wine industry, my integrity starts there and I will expand it into this. The greatest thing about this jump, or expansion, is that there are many wine producers who also produce EVOO. This means that I have two ways to make new lifelong connections, and if you do good business with a producer on one thing, they are willing to trust you with another.

How a person approaches the production of each tells you a lot more about who they are, and what they are about. And past the issue with some producers who just want to push mediocre [or worse] wine in volume, there are also the issues of the importeers and distributors who will easily take less than stellar product and will try to sell it to you as majestic moonlight.

I am definitely not going for that plan of action.

Any and all EVOOs that I present I will stand behind, and I have no need to cut corners or try to make a quick buck. In the grand scheme of things, it's not worth it all.

Oh, the pic below represents a quick tasting that I did for a friend who stopped over. I can't remember what dish I made with it.

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